Cynthia Penwell, MSSW LCSW, CAS, Board Approved Clinical Supervisor

I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Trauma-Informed therapy for children and adolescents with Anxiety, Mood, and Behavioral Disorders. In the context of weekly therapy, I will work individually with your child to explore his/her thoughts and behaviors, and support him/her in practicing adaptive coping strategies for managing feelings and increasing positive behaviors.

I want to help your child find better coping strategies, to provide empathy and positive regard and acceptance, but I also want to help your child be accountable and responsible for the choices they make despite any challenges in their life.

Play Therapy for Children and Pre-Teens

sand-tray3I also specializes in Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy for children and pre-teens struggling with a range of issues, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, trauma, and grief. In the context of weekly therapy, I will work individually with your child to provide a therapeutic outlet for emotional expression and exploration, thereby allowing your child to improve his/her insight and awareness, build and strengthen coping tools, and enhance self-esteem; throughout this process,

parents frequently notice an overall improvement in mood and decrease in frequency and intensity of behavioral symptoms. 

Individualized Parent Consultation
Although, some children’s emotional or behavioral difficulties are most appropriately addressed via Individual Psychotherapy, certain difficulties are more successfully remediated through Parent Consultation. In other words, rather than meeting individually with your child (or in addition to doing so), I may recommend meeting weekly with one or both parents to examine what factors might be contributing to and/or perpetuating your child’s behavioral difficulties. Subsequently, we will discuss empirically-supported techniques aimed at modifying your child’s behavior.

We will work to decrease your child’s noncompliance and/or compositionality, reduce feelings of anxiety and/or depression, strengthen his/her adaptive behaviors and self-esteem, and enhance your parent-child relationship.

| (512) 922-5865 | | 8700 Manchaca Suite 605, Austin, Texas 78748 |

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