Letting Go Of Problems

In counseling or coaching individuals often report feeling stuck in old behaviors or overwhelmed by old emotions. They say, “This is the way I’ve always been,” or “I don’t see a way out,” or they can’t fathom how they might change. It’s easy to stay stuck in a story. The beauty of new research on the brain reveals that repeating old negative stories initiates emotions that get reinforced in the brain. We now know that through recognizing false negative beliefs and refocusing thoughts, the brain can be retrained. So the good news is that when clients recognize they are stuck in their negative thoughts, they begin the journey to heart and spirit. This is their road to freedom and positive change.

Together we will develop Tools For Change..

Facing your problems is hard work. But it’s also a relief to find out that learning specific tools can release you from the burden of old emotions and behavior. With support and guidance, you can discover that you are not your emotions, this is key to finding freedom from anxiety and stress. It is my goal to work with you so that I no longer remain in your life, so that you will have the knowledge to heal yourself in the future without counseling.

I primarily offer Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for adults, while integrating elements of psycho-dynamic theory, attachment theory, and various other orientations. Because everyone’s needs differ, we will work together to find an appropriate therapeutic intervention based on a your presenting symptoms, current difficulties, and ongoing feedback.

Couples Counseling


At Life Forward Counseling I want you to know one very important thing about your relationship: no matter what has happened in your relationship, no matter how troubled, angry or sad you feel about it all right now and no matter how hopeless things may seem – healing may still be within the reach for you and your partner.

Hurt and pain, sadness and tears, rage and anger…all of these things may plague you and your partner right now. You are taking the first step by looking for assistance and guidance.  I want you to know that you are not alone, and we can work together to find solutions and a new way of moving forward

I find that I’m much more directive in couples therapy than I am in individual therapy. Utilizing the Gottmann approach, in conjunction with cognitive behavioral underpinnings and attachment theory as appropriate, I’ll help you identify the thinking errors and actions that have lead to the current situation in your relationship. The real problem lies not in the fact that couples experience these problems, but the fact that they don’t seek help when they need it the most. Please know that I understand that and try to help both partners retain their dignity while facing the problems in the relationship.

Years and years of unnecessary pain and suffering can be undone and avoided with help. I can help you move your relationship and your life forward… 

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