Cynthia Penwell, MSSW LCSW, CAS, Board Approved Clinical Supervisor

Conflicts between family members can be complex and emotionally charged. If recent life changes, parenting challenges, emotional disorders, or behavior problems are straining relationships within your family, professional treatment could be extremely beneficial. At Life Forward, I work with families from all walks of life, helping them to identify and address the difficult issues that are standing in the way of the strong, loving relationships they deserve.

Together we will work to help your family establish positive communication skills and stronger relationships. I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and address feelings of hurt or anger. The Key to Successful Outcomes with Children is Including Parents in the Process.

I am here to help you to develop an action plan that will move your family toward healing and re-connection.


Parent Coaching is geared towards helping parents develop skills and strategies to better work with their children while Family Therapy usually involves bring the whole family together and working in therapy to resolve conflicts and learn new ways of interacting. I often use a mixture of parent coaching meetings and family therapy sessions to achieve the results you desire.

As a parent coach and family therapist I will focus on helping you to build strong loving bonds with your children while encouraging them to grow into thoughtful, compassionate and responsible adults. I have years of experience in helping parents understand their children better and coaching them through making changes to their parenting approach to better support their individual child’s needs.

We’ll work together with you and your child to understand why your child is struggling, and work collaboratively with you to develop and implement a plan to grow new parenting skills, deepen your parent-child relationship, and create sustainable peace and calm in your home. I work with parents to determine if their child may have a ADHD or a Learning Disability and make recommendations about what types of classroom environments are most appropriate for your child’s specific needs.

I am a parent of three special needs children myself, and I know how challenging it can be to balance all the competing demands facing today’s parents. Let me help you find peace and balance again. Our process together will involve caring support, practical solutions, and collaborative problem-solving for individuals and families

I specialize in helping new parents, adoptive parents, same-sex parents, and divorced parents to bring more love and laughter into their homes and enjoy their children again!

| (512) 922-5865 | | 8700 Manchaca Suite 605, Austin, Texas 78748 |

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